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Murder Wears Mittens (Seaside Knitters Society) by Sally Goldenbaum
Review by Gayle Surrette
Kensington Kindle Edition  ISBN/ITEM#: B01MSVCTH9
Date: 29 August 2017 List Price $2.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, was an oceanside town that swelled in the summer from the influx of tourists and settled down in winter when only the year-round residents stayed for the cold and snow. Kayla Stewart moved in after being told it was a place to begin again and where her children, Christopher and Sarah Grace, could grow and be happy. Kayla hoped she’d outrun her past but one lapse of attention and it seemed her past had caught up with her.

Sally Goldenbaum

A Seaside Knitters Mysteries:
* Death By Cashmere
* Patterns in the Sand
* Moon Spinners
* A Holiday Yarn
* The Wedding Shawl
* A Fatal Fleece
* Angora Alibi
* Murder in Merino
* Trimmed with Murder
* Murder at Lambswool Farm
* Murder Wears Mittens

Cass was ending a long day and looking forward to knitting night and a good meal with friends. But first, work laundry, where she found a sweater and skirt for a small girl's school uniform, mixed in with the nets and work clothes. Evidently someone ran out of coins and just slipped their clothes into her working dryer. They'd be surprised when they arrived to find her back before them. However it was Cass who was surprised when a young boy and shaggy dog entered. The boy, without a jacket and obviously cold, pulled open the dryer door pulled out the sweater and skirt and slammed the door again. That's when he saw her and hurriedly left. She called to him but it was too late.

Cass found she couldn't let it go. A young child, alone at night, in the cold, without a jacket, hit all her buttons. She set out to find out who he was and why his mother or father wasn't with him. Because Cass cared, all the Seaside Knitters became interested. The school uniform in the dryer had given them a clue to track down the child.

It wouldn't be a very interesting book or a clever mystery if there wasn’t more to the story. Izzy’s brother Charlie has returned to Sea Harbor again, this time to stay. Mary Pisano has hired a distant relative to work on the paper with her. Sister Fiona, Cass' aunt, has also returned to Sea Harbor to work with Father Northcutt. And Dolores Cardozo, a recluse that many people recognized by sight, but not by name, was murdered. Mix all these elements along with a bit of cunning, envy, greed, and misdirection and you have an absolute page-turner.

I enjoy visiting with the inhabitants of Sea Harbor and catching up on their lives as well as enjoy the talk of knitting, the bonds of friendship among the Seaside Knitters, the close-knit community that helps their citizens, and the intriguing and puzzling mystery that drives the plot.

If you haven't read any of the previous books, you can jump in anywhere. There is enough backstory within the narrative to fill in much of what you missed without slowing down the current story.

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